Automated and Leveraged yield farming built for PancakeSwap

Eternal Finance is the first automated and leveraged yield farming protocol built on Aptos offering automated bots to optimize everyone's yield farming experience.

We provide agile leverage options for yield farmers to amplify their farming positions with well-controlled cost, maximizing your capital efficiency.

We help keep your leveraged yield farming positions safe and stable by protecting your principal with our strategies. We track your performance based on your principal marked to USD, ensuring that both of us know your profits well.

We assist to rebalance your delta exposure in an automatic way, ensuring the impermanent loss of your yield farming position is well-controlled.

We embrace DeFi, and are grateful to be able to play a part in the whole DeFi ecosystem of Aptos. Eternal Finance hopes everyone able to generate eternal and sustainable profits from yield farming by introducing automated strategies to everybody, amplifying the liquidity provided to the entire ecosystem. As a proud owner of Eternal tokens, you are not only shaping the future of Eternal Finance, but also the future of DeFi.

  • Eternal Finance not only provides leverage and opens positions for users and leave you there, instead we will help users monitor the ever-changing market situations and utilizes bots in its ecosystem to execute pre-configured strategies.

  • Our implementation is community-driven. All participants are encouraged to contribute, to hold our token, to govern our operations, and to enhance the Eternal Finance Platform.

Build for PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap is one of the most successful DEXs in the DeFi universe, with over millions of users and billions of TVL. With our leverage and automation on yield farming, we aim at thickening and stablizing the liquidity provided to PancakeSwap. We are also here to balance the interests of traders, lenders and liquidity providers for the whole ecosystem on Aptos.

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