updated at 22 February 2023.

Eternal Finance issues a governance token, known as ETERN, to facilitate the governance of the Eternal Finance protocol and has no intrinsic or implied value beyond its functionality as a governance token. ETERN token holders can participate in governance by staking their ETERN tokens for veETERN. ETERN token holders are accorded the opportunity to participate in governance activities that influence the future trajectory of the protocol. The token holders are authorized to make determinations on critical aspects of the protocol such as the interest rate model, fee rates, and the distribution of protocol fees and reserves accrued to the Eternal Finance protocol.

The total supply of ETERN tokens is limited to 1,000,000,000. As a result, the number of ETERN tokens in circulation is finite and the governance activities of ETERN token holders have the potential to impact the future of the Eternal Finance protocol.

Token Utility of ETERN

  • Share of Platform Fees

  • veETERN enjoys higher mining reward than non-veETERN holders

  • Voting through veETERN

    • Use of Treasury

    • Protocol Improvements

    • Mining Reward Allocation Point

AllocationPercentageVesting DetailsAllocation Details

Public Sale


40% at TGE, 20% vesting monthly for 3 months

Allocates for Launchpad

DEX Yield


100% at TGE

Allocates for paying DEX yield

Liquidity Pool


100% at TGE

Liquidity Reserve

Mining Reward -Aptos


Vest linearly for 48 months and start after TGE

Rewards our lending pool contributors and farming users

Mining Reward -Reserve


Vest linearly for 48 months and start after TGE

Reward Reserve for future chain expansion

Ecosystem & Others


4% at TGE day and vest the rest linearly for 48 months.

Pays strategic expenses including listing fees, audits, extra rewards for ecosystem and partners, and marketing fee, etc & Reserves for expanding liquidity pairs in DEXs

Team & Advisors


Cliff period for 6 months then vest linearly for 48 months

Supports continuous development & rewards for the advice from our advisors

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